Arbeitsimpressionen | working impressions

The interpretation of the words „jewellery“ and „nomads“ have been changed. Jewellery has not any more only a financial value, it is a word with a lot of interpretations, it can be your hairstyle, your backpack or handbag, your clothes, your MP 3 musicplayer even the music you are listening on it. All of them show who we are, what we are beliving in, our status and our attitude of life. To be a nomade on the search for better living conditions, if you mean an employment or if you want to satisfy your curiosity.

To see the world and to live some time abroad is easy and is expected from you. The world is not any more untouchable, it is not even smaller than affordable for everybody who wants to reach it. To stay in contact with somebody and to meet once again is easy because you have a networking all over the world.
Nowadays are our life and our experiences, our living space our working and personal sucsess, the people who we know our imagination of value. The experiences is reflected in our eyes. The important symbol bearers is our life history, that we are wearing with proud like a trophy around our neck.